Prohibited Installation Locations

In the Parking Strip
The small strip of land between the sidewalk and the road.

In the Right of Way
because home owners don’t own this portion of the property most municipalities will remove any signs placed in this area for a variety of reasons. If it is in a rural area where the county takes care of the land-for example mowing, the sign will be removed by that county.

On Land that is Not for Sale
an example of this might be that your property is on a cul-de-sac and the only way to get potential buyers to see the sign is to place it in your neighbor’s yard with an arrow. Unless you have specific permission from that property owner that you may have a sign on their property, it is illegal to do so.

In Front of Road Signs
Real estate signs are not allowed to impede the vision of traffic.

Select Condominiums
Some condominiums do not allow real estate signs advertising units for sale. If you are unsure about the allowance of a sign, please check your Condominium Documents or ask the Condominium Association responsible for your property. It is the Brokers responsibility to ensure we have permission to place a sign post for that property.

Federal or State Highways

Service Questions

Why Can’t I Call / Email / Fax to Order?

In days gone by you could simply shoot us an email, make a quick phone call, or scribble down the address of your new listing and fax it over. Unfortunately we are not always able to make out the precise address from your phone call while driving (turns out real estate agents drive quite a bit throughout the day) nor could we always decipher your handwriting in a blurry fax.

Besides, we are now selling real estate in a DocuSign, ZipForm, RMLSweb, online eco-system. Everything else you utilize as gone hi-tech . . . shouldn’t your Listing Marketing be too?

Why Can’t My Post Be Installed Tomorrow?

In 2007 we began to be required to place a Utility Locate ticket for every install order we received (this is the process in which applicable utility companies arrive and spray paint beautiful colors all over your seller’s freshly manicured front lawn). One of the benefits of our new online system is that a Utility Locate ticket is automatically submitted the moment you place your order. Furthermore, you know for a fact that the information being submitted is accurate (and the sign is not accidentally going in the neighbors yard — oops!) because you are the one submitting it straight out of your “In Progress” page in the RMLS. (“In Progress” because that way you have time to get the sign installed on the same day that you go live — based on the delays of Utility Locates).

What Other Services Do You Offer?

At NW Realty Sign we provide an unparalleled level of customer service in a time when service matters more than ever. Our full-time Customer Service staff as well as four full time installers work hard every day to make our customers look good to their sellers in a competitive market.

We combine this with unmatched dedication to innovation and software development to make signage easier for the Real Estate Brokers who use us.

You will find an easy-to use website, a real person on the phone or quickly replying via email when you have questions, and prompt, friendly installers in the field. We have staffed our company to provide service that will impress both you and your clients.

We provide a Permanent Flyer / green flyer solution, and other products that will make your job easier.

What Happens if a Sprinkler Line is Cut During Sign Installation?

NW Realty Sign must be notified and given a reasonable amount of time to repair or have repaired any water line broken in the process of placing a sign post on your clients property. Maximum reimbursement will be $60 if we are not given an opportunity to repair the break.

What Does it Take to Get Started?

The account is free, and there is nothing to download. We only require that you are a licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon. Sign-Up is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Start My Free Account

NW Realty Sign Pricing

Standard 8 Ft Colonial Post Install
Our standard 8 foot colonial post is freshly painted white, and comes with “S” hooks to hang your sign. If you rather have zip ties, you may request that in the “office instructions” field when placing your order.
Flyer Box $10.00
Copy Saver Flyer Box
Flyer box with front-panel slot that allows there to always be a flyer present (even when the rest have been taken).
Permanent Weatherproof Flyer
If you send your completed flyer (PDF) to by 12:00pm, one business day before your install, we will make the Permanent Flyer at our office, and have it installed with your post.
Top Clips
2 clips that are screwed into the top of the post for your sign riders.
Business Card Holder $10.00
2 total – for each side of sign/post.
Sign Riders
i.e: Coming Soon, Sale Pending & Sold.

Service Requests
These services apply to previously installed posts/signs.

Add Flyer Box
If your post is already installed and you need to add a Flyer Box, it’s $10 for the Flyer Box and a  trip charge to have it installed.
Add Permanent Flyer
If your post is already installed and you need to add a Permanent Flyer, it’s $25 to have us make the Permanent Flyer, and a trip charge to have it installed.
Hang a new Sign
There’s a $20 trip charge for us to send a driver to hang a new sign – i.e: Coming Soon Rider, Name Rider or any other sign you wish to be added to your post.
We will always put your post in the most visible spot, but we prefer that you place one of our flags or any kind of visible marker in the location where you want the post. If the sign needs to be moved in a different location, there is a $20 trip charge for us to send a driver back.
Courtesy Stop
There are times when a post is leaning due to the soft ground or maybe the post has been sitting there for a while and doesn’t look pretty anymore. No problem! We can send out a driver to fix these issues at no cost. Send us an email or give us a ring.