Why Can’t My Post Be Installed Tomorrow?

Oregon law requires us to order utility locates to each property prior to installation. Once an install order is placed, our site automatically orders utility locates and the locate companies have 48 hours to mark the property. It is their responsibility to mark the property within that timeframe so we can install your post on the 3rd business day from the day the order was placed. You as the agent can limit the amount of flags/spray paint used by marking the location of where you would like the post with a flag/stake.


Where does the post get installed?

Parking Strip: We will always place the post in the most visible spot, closest to the street which is usually the piece of land between the sidewalk and street. As long as there are no utilities or tree roots in the way, our installers make this location a priority.

Where agent marks with a flag/stake: Our installers will look out for a flag/stake for where the agent wants the post. As long as we are able to dig in this area we will place the post as close to the marked location as possible. 

Front Lawn: A common area to place the post is the front lawn closest to the corner of the driveway. We can not locate for sprinklers so we will always dig cautiously and if we ever hit a sprinkler line we have a crew that can repair the line within 72 hours.

Corner Lot: If the home is on a corner, we will place the post as close to the corner as possible for best visibility from both streets. 

Vacant Lot: We ask the agent to mark the location with a flag/stake for vacant land. We also ask for an aerial view of the lot to confirm its location sent to office@nwrealtysign.com.


What’s your turnaround time?

Due to utility locates we are 3 business days out.


Do you store my signs?

Yes, we inventory your hanging signs in our warehouse at no additional cost. On the order form there is a “Bring my sign from inventory” option to indicate we are storing your signs and to hang one with the post installation.


How do I sign up to place an order?

The account is free, and accessible through our online portal. We only require that you are a licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon. Sign-Up is simple and takes only a few minutes.

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NW Realty Sign Pricing

Standard 8 Ft Colonial Post Install
Our standard 8 foot colonial post is freshly painted white, and comes with “S” hooks to hang your sign. If you rather have zip ties, you may request our driver leave a couple for you in the “installer instructions” field when placing your order.
Flyer Box $10.00
Copy Saver Flyer Box
Flyer box with front-panel slot that allows there to always be a flyer present (even when the rest have been taken).
Permanent Weatherproof Flyer
If you send your completed flyer (PDF) to office@nwrealtysign.com by 10:00am, one business day before your install, we will have the Permanent Flyer printed in time to have it installed with your post.
Top Clips
2 clips that are screwed into the top of the post for your sign riders.
Business Card Holder $10.00
2 total – for each side on the arms of the post.
Sign Riders
i.e: Coming Soon, Sale Pending & Sold.

Service Requests
These services apply to previously installed posts/signs.

Add Flyer Box
If your post is already installed and you need to add a Flyer Box, it’s $10 for the Flyer Box and a  trip charge to have it installed.
Add Permanent Flyer
If your post is already installed and you need to add a Permanent Flyer, it’s $25 to have us print the Permanent Flyer, and a trip charge to have it installed.
Hang a new Sign
There’s a $20 trip charge for us to send a driver to hang a new sign – i.e: Coming Soon Rider, Name Rider or any other sign you wish to be added to your post.
We will always put your post in the most visible spot, but we prefer that you place one of our flags or any kind of visible marker in the location where you want the post. If the sign needs to be moved in a different location, there is a $20 trip charge for us to send a driver back.
Courtesy Stop
There are times when a post is leaning due to the soft ground or maybe the post has been sitting there for a while and doesn’t look pretty anymore. No problem! We can send out a driver to fix these issues at no cost. Send us an email or give us a ring.